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Master Trainer/Owner/Operator

 Mancini has dedicated his career to training "man's best friend." He began his career at Southeastern Guide Dogs where he learned the very specialized skill of training dogs to guide blind/visually impaired individuals. Mancini went on to become one of only a handful of people in the world to train wheelchair guide dogs. This highly specialized training involves training guide dogs to work with a visually impaired person who also requires the use of a wheelchair. 

Mancini desired to extend his knowledge of dog training into the public sector. He opened Mind Your Manners Canine Training in 2004 and has worked with more than 2100 dogs and their owners. Mancini is skilled at reading dog body language, behavior modification and teaching dog obedience. 

Mancini's training philosophy involves positive reinforcement, patience and respect for the animal.  

Mancini has been recognized for his work in The Sarasota Tribune, Manatee Herald and FOX 13 News.

Mancini is Certified in:

* Dog Behavior

* Dog Obedience 

* Guide Dog Training

* Wheelchair Guide Dog Training

* Clicker Training

* Wheelchair Service Dog Training

* Therapy Dog Training

* I am Trained and Certified Internationally 


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Shelly Mancini

  Shelly as many years experience as she does her age with animals of all sorts and sizes (she grew up on the farm!). She has trained, bred and shown cattle, horses, and a farm dog or two and brings this broad background and knowledge to her clients and her business. Her life-long understanding of the animal mind helped her develop what has become her very own style of natural (down on the farm southern way) dog training using positive reinforcement. Shelly has worked as a veterinarian technician for over 5 years, ran an aviary, bred, showed and taught showmanship with her shorthorn cattle along with broke and trained  barrel horses for competition. Animals and being one with them and the outdoors is my passion, it’s my life and where my heart has always been”. In 2015 Shelly met Mancini who is a solid veteran of the field when it comes to K-9 training of all different types. A true animal lover and a raw talent for the specialized guide dog training both dogs and people. They combined their forces not long after they met and married to become one.