Boarding / Daycare



  Overnight boarding in our Kennel Free home. Where your dog becomes part of our family. Don't keep him in a small kennel where they stay by themselves at night, We stay and care for your pets 24 hours a day. We do have crates available  in case your furry friend like to sleep in one.

Kennel free pet boarding

Doggy Daycare

  Day Daycare is a perfect solution if you are having maintenance or repairs being done on your house and need a place for your dogs to stay while you are at work Or just wanting your dog to get exercise instead of laying around and waiting for you to get home  .



  Selling your house and need place for your dog to stay while your house is showing during the day? Our Doggy boarding is a perfect solution with special rates for Boards over 30 days. 


How It Works

t(s) or special guest to us during normal business hours. If this is the first time you have boarded with us you will need to complete the boarding form that we sent to you in your email. Your pet spends the day and night in the comfort of our home with private yard. If you have a injured or elderly day and would like your dog(s) NOT to participate in play time with other dogs, then we will let him play by themselves or they can play in small groups 


We feed the dogs two times a day. We will also feed once a day if that is your normal feeding routine. In an effort to provide the best care for your dog, we request that you bring your dog’s food, along with written instructions for feeding. This helps prevent any upset stomachs or food allergies because of a sudden change in diet. If you do not bring your dog’s food, we will feed your dog our house adult dry dog food for a cost of $2 per meal ( Night & Day)..


If your dog requires any medication, please bring it with you and include written instructions for administering and the original container and label if possible.


You may bring one or two of your dogs favorite toys if you like. Toys are not allowed during playgroup, but they can be used in the private yards. If Fido likes to eat his toys, please don’t bring them! Only bring toys that your dog can play with unsupervised.


We have blankets, dog beds all throughout our house to make your dogs comfortable, but you may bring his favorite blanket, pillow, or comforter. Having something that smells familiar and like home can help relieve stress or anxiety about a new environment. If your dog(s) begin to chew or tear his bedding, we will remove it because of the potential risks to your dog(s).

Tuck-In Service

All of the boarding dogs will receive a small treat (unless you request otherwise), one last trip to the yard to take care of their business or frosty Paws in the daytime and some love and affection just before bedtime. We leave the TV or  radio on all night and also a light.


Want your dog groomed why you’re here? Want a cleaned and great smelling dog when you pick up? We will bathed your dog at the closest we can to pickup so you get a great looking and clean dog upon pickup 

Our most popular service is the....... 

*********** Our famous, very affordable Mind Your Manners Bath Service:************** 

* Nails Trimmed 

* Anal Glands Checked 

* Full Bath & blow dry 

* Pads Trimmed 

* Feet Trimmed 

* Sanitary cut 

* Ears Cleaned 

* Comb Through 

* Perfume (optional) 

* Bandana

* You will always receive a full report for your pet* 

Small dogs (1-15 lbs ) $10-$15 

Medium Dogs (16-35 lbs) $20 - $25

Large Dogs (45- 120 lbs) $30-$65 

You can add a bath in the request boarding form.


Boarding Cost


First Guest is--------------------$25.00 Per Night

Second Guest is----------------$20.00 Per Night

Third Guest is-------------------$20.00 Per Night

We do discount for stays over 20 days

**** There is no charge for the last day if you pick up before 11am ***

Cats --------------------$15.00 Per Night

Fish --------------------$10.00 Per Night

Rabbits, Bearded Dragons, Birds-------------------$10.00 Per Night